Every year on the golf programme we typically look after around 20-25 players, this is a mixture of both male and female students and comprises of the finest golfers attending the University of St Andrews.

Our Scottish University title winning team, defeating Stirling University in November 2015


This squad is then divided into three tiers comprising of differing levels of support, (A,B and C squads) and players are allocated a squad based on standard as well as various aspects such as attitudes, work ethic and perceived potential. The squads are transient and players may move up and down the tiers as they are subject to continuous performance review.

A typical question for prospective players is “What standard do I have to be in order to qualify for the different squads?” – whilst there is not a set handicap limit for each the makeup in a typical year would be as follows:

Men A – (+3) to Scratch

Men B – Scratch to 2

Men C – 3 to 5

Ladies A – (+1) to 2

Ladies B – 3 to 6



  • “To play for the University of St Andrews Golf Team made that experience even more important to me – the combination of the traditions, the people I’ve met through the matches and the wider network, the extraordinary places we played, and the consistently brilliant competition, are highlights of my life.”
    Storm Boswick – MA Honours, 1991
  • “I am proud to support the golf program at the University of St Andrews. The Home of Golf is an iconic place where the history, values and the tradition of the game are intertwined with the culture of the town and the people who reside there.”
    Tom Ross – Managing Director of Raymond James & Associates, 600 Club Member
  • “For over 600 years the town of St Andrews and the University of St Andrews have had a seamless partnership that celebrates the legacy, tradition, and values that bind them together. This standard of excellence is seen through the prism of the Golf Programme.”
    Dave Bonuccelli – David L Bonuccelli & Associates, 600 Club Member
  • “I decided to start supporting the University of St Andrews golf programs about five years ago. I thought I could help make a difference for these programs by financially helping you start a golf donor program. I'm very proud that you have used my funds to create a Saints Golf Website to help you get the word out.”
    Van deWar – 600 Club Founding Member